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Liberty Training Academy

Lucia DeVivo Catalano, APRN, BC, President/Owner is available for speaking engagements and in-service training statewide.

Owner Lucia has over 30 years of general and behavioral/mental health experience as a Nurse Practitioner. Prior to establishing Liberty Homecare Options in 2013, Lucia founded organization MedOptions, where she served as CEO and Clinical Director for 13 years.

Lucia focuses on Behavioral Health, specializing in Dementia /Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders. With Liberty Homecare, she has developed client centered assessment methodologies benefiting both patient and family.

With a philosophy based on compassion, personalized care, and condition-specific services, Lucia advocates continual education for her direct care and office staff.

Lucia says it best, “We believe being on the forefront of home care trends is vital for the individuals we service, to maintain their own highest level of independence while living at home.”

In-Service Training Topics

All courses are taught by Lucia or other qualified trainers. Below is a list of Liberty Bell Training Academy course offerings:

  • PCA Trainings (Personal Care Assistant) - weekly

  • Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury (ABI/TBI)

  • ABH - Advanced Behavioral Health - mental health Individuals

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's patient care

  • CPR - cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( Adult/Child/infant & AED)

  • Recovery Assistant (RA)

  • Independent Living Skills Trainer (ILST)

  • OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens/Body Mechanics Safety (30 minute walk-in training)